Notary Services

You will normally need to see a notary in connection with documents that are being sent abroad.

You may be purchasing property abroad or have been asked to produce evidence of your identity for foreign officials. For example, you may be going to work abroad or even emigrating. A notary is a public officer whose official seal and signature is recognised all over the world as a reliable source of evidence of the facts and events that he or she records and verifies. There are many circumstances where officials in the foreign country will require you to seek the services of a Notary Public in England.

The following are examples of the type of work that a Notary might be asked to carry out for an individual or a company:-

Services for Individuals

  • Witnessing signatures to contracts and Powers of Attorney
  • Witnessing statements for Indian High Commission visa applications
  • Administering oaths and affirmations where the foreign jurisdiction requires it
  • Witnessing of Affidavits for use in foreign court proceedings
  • Witnessing the signing of documents concerning the sale and purchase of property and other assets abroad
  • American acknowledgements
  • Certifying copies of passports and Educational Certificates for foreign authorities
  • Verifying the translation of documents using a translator
  • Certifying facts to facilitate a marriage abroad
  • Dealing with foreign adoption requirements

Services for Companies

  • Powers of Attorney given by Companies involved in transactions abroad
  • Verification of certificates of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association
  • Witnessing the execution of commercial contracts
  • Certifying of company resolutions, minutes, accounts and reports
  • Preparing certificates to evidence identity of company officers
  • Certification of documentation to open foreign bank accounts
  • The noting and protesting of Bills of Exchange
Joanne Orbell Notary Public